Thursday, December 29, 2011


Been lived in 728 ( Only my housemate know this code) already 6 months ( maybe no too long but is no too short period ) and i sooner gonna move out here going to new place (because i change my new job). Seriously really i don't have a single feel wanted to move out here,but i have no choice better that to move out from here , cos is really too far away from my new work place and i gonna pay for a lousy toll( g********t was a money sucker ) go to office .

I don't know how the my new housemate attitude ?? But for sure 728 housemate is a one of the group crazy , nice , funny , talkative, and more and more housemate i had ever met . i really learns a lots from them, i really wanted thanks to them gave me motivated pick up the book (enroll my BBA offered by OUM). Although we are living in house are short ,but we do seem like know a damn long period , always hang out for breakfast, lunch , dinner , shopping , movie and etc etc...

Count with my finger ,n o more that 2 days i gonna moved out from here .Thanks for 728 mate treated me like a family member . I swear i will come back regularly to kacau u all .So please don't be think me i am annoying person ya and do welcome me ..:P

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Eagle Chou said...

It has been such a while since your last post. Looking forward to your updates!
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